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Why Setting Boundaries Can Give You More Freedom

When we think of setting boundaries, we often focus on what’s OUTSIDE of those boundaries; the things that are “forbidden” or restricted.

This is true for dieting, dating, business, etc.

We avoid boundaries in the name of “freedom”, but this comes with a serious side-effect:

When there are no boundaries, everything seems like grey area. We don’t know what’s white and what’s black, so we end up stressing about both.

We guilt-trip ourselves for even our most justifiable indulgences.

Here’s another way of looking at it:

When we create boundaries, we free ourselves to indulge in whatever is WITHIN those boundaries GUILT-FREE.

We no longer have to wonder if we’re crossing the line because we finally know where the line actually is.

Boundaries seem like they would restrict us, but instead, they often bring us freedom, clarity, and peace.