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Money is like a pile of bricks. You can throw bricks at people in an act of hate, or you can build an orphanage with them in an act of love.

The bricks don’t care either way. They are nothing but tools that your heart uses to express who you already are.

Your pile may grow larger or smaller over time, but the number of bricks in your pile will NOT change YOU…for better or worse.

Owning a large pile of bricks does not make you any more likely to throw them, and owning a small pile does not make you any more likely to want to build an orphanage.

The number of bricks in your pile simply determines how empowered you will be to ACT on what your heart already desires.

Regardless of how many bricks you have, the way you use them will reveal evidence of your heart’s true state.

The more bricks you have, the more obvious and conclusive this evidence will be.

After all, it’s easy to throw 1 brick without too many noticing, but throw 300 bricks in a busy place and you might find yourself on the news.

It’s also easy to give a few bricks to someone in need without many people noticing, but build an orphanage and everyone in town will suddenly think that you are generous.

Your small pile of bricks doesn’t determine who you are…it just limits your ability to express it. Your large pile doesn’t determine who you are either…it just exposes it.

If you throw your bricks when you only have 1, you will probably throw your bricks when you have 300.

If you serve others with your bricks when you have 1, you will probably serve others with your bricks when you have 300.

So before you judge someone who has a large pile of bricks, ask yourself: “What am I doing with my small pile of bricks?”

“…and if that person were to use her large pile the same way I’m using my small pile, would I be any different than her?”

Encourage those who have larger piles of bricks than you. Cheer them on. They have the ability to build amazing things in the world and do a lot of good.

And as for you?

Grow your pile of bricks as large as you want!

Never let anyone make you feel bad about wanting the tools to live and give more fully.

Nobody knows your heart like you do, which means that nobody but YOU can decide whether it’s a good thing for you to have more than you have now.

If your heart is in the right place, get the tools to empower it.