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Life Isn’t Fair, and That’s Great News

We love to complain about things that aren’t fair.

What we often forget, though, is that unfairness is sometimes a huge blessing. If you think about it, a world of absolute fairness would actually be pretty scary.

Every one of us has made mistakes in life that we’ve never paid consequences for, and every one of us has enjoyed privileges that we didn’t earn.

It’s not fair that you accidentally ran a red light that one time but never got a ticket. It’s not fair that you got your normal paycheck that one week even though you were super distracted by stuff at home. It’s not fair that you were born in a country where running water is so normal that nobody even talks about it.

Life isn’t fair. Nobody’s arguing with that.

What really matters is this: what side of life’s unfairness will you choose to focus on?

Will you focus on the ways life is uniquely hard for you or the ways it’s uniquely great for you?

Will you interpret the painful parts of your story as the reason you have to settle for a less-than-amazing life?

…or will you see them as a unique advantage that allows you to relate to and impact people with similar stories…perhaps in a way that nobody else could?

Life isn’t fair, but we get to decide what that means.

H/T to Eben Pagan who introduced me to this concept.