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The Fortune Cookie That Warned Me

Walk into my office and the first thing you’d notice might be the big bowl of fortune cookies on my coffee table.

I like the way they taste, and the usual candy bowl just isn’t interesting enough.

This morning, I broke open a cookie and the “fortune” inside it said: “Remind yourself that the lion, while hunting, doesn’t roar”.

Sounds goofy, but it’s actually pretty profound.

The most dangerous threats to our lives…to our businesses, relationships, health, etc…rarely announce themselves from afar. They sneak up on us. They are nowhere to be found, and then…all-of-a-sudden…WHAM. We’re dealing with a crisis.

Success, as we know, comes from a bunch of seemingly-insignificant baby steps in the right direction over time.

In the same way, a crisis is often the result of a bunch of seemingly-insignificant baby steps in the WRONG direction over time.

We neglect a few responsibilities that aren’t THAT urgent, say a few things that aren’t THAT inconsiderate, make a few choices that aren’t THAT selfish…

…and then one day, we’re shocked when our relationship…our business…our happiness “suddenly” falls apart.

So, here’s the lesson:

Never take the absence of immediate consequences as a sign that your actions are inconsequential.

Upward and downward momentum are both very real, and like a tornado, they often aren’t visible until they’re unstoppable.

Little things become big things.

Do your best even when the situation isn’t critical and it likely never will be.