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Why Your Ability To “Sort” Will Determine Your Fate In Business

In the past, people often failed in their pursuits due to lack of available information. But that’s no longer the case.

Thanks to the Internet, we now have access to more information than we could possibly ever need…to the point that it can be overwhelming.

Your ability to find information is no longer as valuable a skill as it once was because, today, anyone can access the world’s knowledge on virtually any topic within seconds.

Times have changed.

One of the most valuable skills you can develop as an entrepreneur (or even a human in general) in our time is not the ability to learn as much as the ability to SORT.

And when I say “sort”, I’m talking about the ability to identify and sort high-value information from low-value information.

The better you get at this, the faster you’ll be able to make progress with pretty much anything.

For example, if you try to master the whole Spanish language, it will take you years…maybe decades.

But if you just learn the most important fundamentals of tenses/pronunciation/sentence structure, and then memorize 200 or so of the most-used words, you will be able to speak Spanish within months.

No, you won’t be “fluent” and you won’t sound exactly like a native speaker…but you’ll be able to speak, read, understand, and have conversations (and isn’t that kind of the whole point?).

This same mindset can be applied to a lot of other things.

We often take FOREVER to learn or make progress (with anything from business to relationships) because we waste so much of our time/energy learning non-essentials.

Decide what result you want, figure out which essential building blocks of knowledge/information are needed to achieve that result, then seek out only that information first.

Stop getting caught up in the weeds of low-value information and focus on only the information that matters the most. You’ll be surprised by your progress!