Jesse Lear - From Debt To Freedom...

Just a few years ago, Jesse Lear was living in his parents basement in rural Ohio when he bounced a check to his friend Jake. It was one of his most embarrassing moments; an event that seemed, at the time, to be a sure sign that he was failing in life.

But what looks and feel like failure in the moment can sometimes be the blessing that changes everything for the better. More than $60,000 in debt and without a job, Jesse did the only thing I knew to do at the time: he moved to a bigger city and took a job selling cable door-to-door.

Before long, he convinced his college buddy Travis to do the same. They moved into a luxury apartment community and became roommates.

That’s when they noticed that ...



Money is like a pile of bricks. You can throw bricks at people in an act of hate, or you can build an orphanage with them in an act of love.

The bricks don't care either way. They are nothing but tools that your heart uses to express who you already are.

Your pile may grow larger or smaller over time, but the number of bricks in your pile will NOT ...